Relationship with Parents

Ex 20:12, Honour your father and mother so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you…

From where I come from, it is not uncommon to hear of children who are bitter and angry towards their parents. Growing up without parents for most children is traumatizing. “What did I do to deserve this?” I remember a question raised by one student. The most important part of life – childhood, a phase which greatly shapes one’s adulthood lacked the lustre of good parenting.

From a young age, I was no different either; there were times when I was bitter and angry. And like most children, we all had our reasons, mostly rooted deep in fear and betrayal. Betrayal, because we felt our parents left us when we needed them the most. And fear, because we did not know whom to trust. It is only natural under these conditions to feel what we felt.

However, the days we spent with our parents would drown all our worries and fears. We treasured these days more than any other day in our lives. And growing up as a child, the Ten Commandments were etched into our memories as part of our schooling. We were taught to honor our parents by obeying our teachers and doing well in our studies.

In the Bible (Mk 7:9-13), we see how Jesus rebuked the Pharisees. They were teaching the people that if they offered whatever was due to their parents unto God, it was no longer required of them to help their parents. How more convenient can it be to forget to help our parents? Are we not doing this for God? Are we not in the ministry?

In the Lord’s service, thoughts like these can take over. Instead of caring for our parents, we may be doing quite a number of things for God. Yet we don’t bring a smile on the face of Jesus. We have neglected our parents! Below are few tips from Hanvika Reddy, a health professional on how to care for elderly parents…

Just a call

Most parents find a call from their children greatly encouraging. It reminds them that you care about them. More specially, they know you are thinking about them.

Visits to the Doctor

If they have any health issues, regular visits to the Doctor is mandatory. Ensure that appropriate care is given to meet their medical needs.

Exercise and Diet

Make sure they have a morning or evening walk. Maintaining a balanced diet is greatly helpful. It refreshes them and prevents further complications.

Community Involvement

Their time to connect with others in the community is important. Other people of their age group can meet for a time of discussion and fun. Make them feel loved in a community.

Use of Resources

Careful use of resources such as money, time and people is important. Taking into account, the expenses required to take care of them is essential. Setting apart some time in your busy schedule and occasionally bringing their friends along to visit them is essential for them to age gracefully.


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March 6, 2019


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